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Nichidai Tōsō: The Nihon University Student Movement on Film

George Katsiaficas talks of the “world-historical” to describe the global student movement in the late 1960’s, a movement that went far beyond just the campuses of America and western Europe. Japan’s contribution is grossly overlooked, meriting no real mention in … Continue reading

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Sanrizuka: The Struggle to Stop Narita Airport

In December last year Susumu Hagiwara passed away at the age of 69. He had been one of the most senior figures in the remaining Narita protest movement, which even if people have heard of it — and many Japanese … Continue reading

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Tatsuo Suzuki: New Left Lawyer, Candidate for Tokyo Governor

Tokyo gubernatorial elections have their share of fringe characters. From wacky inventor Dr. NakaMats to the even wackier but much loved perennial Mac Akasaka, the ballot is always colourful. Until mainstream politicos like Morihiro Hosokawa and Yōichi Masuzoe threw their … Continue reading

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