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Himeyuri no Tō, 1975: The Memorial that Nearly Killed a Crown Prince

The Inland Sea is perhaps my favourite book about Japan. Donald Richie’s journey might well be around “Japan’s Mediterranean” — does it still merit the epithet? — but I find some of his observations strike me regardless of geography. In … Continue reading

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Japanese Red Army member Tsutomu Shirosaki deported to Japan, arrested at Narita Airport

Ageing Japanese Red Army activist Tsutomu Shirosaki (67) has returned to Japan — to be promptly arrested at Narita Airport. A Sekigun-ha activist arrested for his part in a bank robbery in 1971, Shirosaki left Japan in 1977 when the … Continue reading

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Kakuhidō: Self-proclaimed “unpopular” Japanese men perform New Left activism as pastiche

Two prominent English-language blogs about Japan recently picked up on an unusual activist group called Kakuhidō. Despite ostensibly focusing on, respectively, design and Japanese tabloids, both Spoon Tamago and Tokyo Reporter ran near identical stories about Kakumeiteki Himote Dōmei, shortened … Continue reading

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