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Tell the Prime Minister: Eiji Oguma’s portrait of a changing Tokyo and the anti-nuclear power movement

Thanks to a free screening at Sophia University, I finally got a chance to see Tell the Prime Minister (or Shushō Kantei no Mae de in Japanese, literally, “In Front of the Prime Minister’s Residence”), which has been playing at … Continue reading

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Police raid Chūkaku-ha base over long-time Shibuya riot fugitive, arrest two

On January 18th, police raided a small apartment in Kita ward in Tokyo, where they uncovered hints on the whereabouts of Masaaki Ōsaka. Now aged 66, Ōsaka was an activist in the far-left radical group Chūkaku-ha and is named as … Continue reading

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A War of Words, or a Battle over Silence

Though few would have noticed, a propaganda war is unfolding on the pages of left-wing periodicals in Japan. As I have written elsewhere and the likes of Patricia G. Steinhoff have also long argued, Japan has a civil society left … Continue reading

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