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Police crackdown continues on far-left groups in lead-up to G7 Summit

Tokyo residents would have noticed something new in major train stations around the city: police officers standing around, not doing much except sometimes trying to look tall on a small set of portable steps. This is the decorative side of … Continue reading

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SEALDs launches fashion line to encourage young voters

Has SEALDs finally descended into self-parody or is this an innovative strategy to inspire young voters? At the height of the student group’s exposure last year they received much praise for their slick attitude towards publicity, which resulted in a … Continue reading

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Symbol of protest movement, Narita Airport control tower to be demolished

Narita Airport is currently swamped on a daily basis with international arrivals as Japan, especially Tokyo, enjoys unprecedented numbers of foreign tourists, a trend which is surely going to roll on until the 2020 Olympics. In spring 2015, the airport … Continue reading

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Remembering Bloody May Day, 1952

Today is International Workers’ Day, when labour unions and other groups hold rallies around the world. Japan is no exception, though the weakness of the labour movement has lessened the importance of the day immensely over the years. However, there … Continue reading

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