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Yodogō hijackers launch website to publicise campaign to return from North Korea to Japan

The Yodogō Group of former Sekigun-ha (Red Army Faction) hijackers has launched a new website to publicise its campaign to return home to Japan. The group famously committed Japan’s first airliner hijacking in early 1970, taking over Japan Airlines Flight … Continue reading

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Emperor Akihito’s abdication date confirmed amid growing anti-emperor protests and republican discourse in Japan

Finally ending months of speculation and anticipation, it was confirmed on 1 December that Emperor Akihito would formally abdicate on 30 April 2019. His son, Naruhito, will then ascend to the Chrysanthemum Throne, the Heisei era will end and a … Continue reading

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Battle for the Campus: Kyoto University’s war against student activism, pranks and signboards

The activist group Dōgakukai, a branch organisation of the Zengakuren league of student groups, joined other students on 1 December in briefly occupying the roof of the clock tower building at the main Yoshida campus of Kyoto University, which resulted … Continue reading

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