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Preparations for Osaka 2025 World Expo spark local opposition and protests

Patricia G. Steinhoff frequently talks about an “invisible civil society” in Japan: a wide and vibrant swath of social movements, particularly remnants from the radical cycle of protests in the 1960s and 1970s, that are essentially unknown and given little … Continue reading

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Politics and dōjinshi: Zengakuren booth at Comiket sells revolution to otaku

On 31 December, 2018, while much of Japanese society was getting ready to crowd around the TV to watch Kōhaku Uta Gassen that evening on NHK or helping out in the kitchen, the scene was quite different in Odaiba, where … Continue reading

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Allegations against famed photojournalist Ryūichi Hirokawa send shock waves through the Japanese Left

Japan has yet to have its seismic #MeToo moment, notwithstanding the very well-documented problems faced by women in the workplace and shameful treatment of rape and harassment victims. Though the media has shown some interest in the global phenomenon, to … Continue reading

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