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Pan-Asianism and the post-war Japanese radical Left: Some movements and tendencies

What kinds of Asianist tendencies, or attitudes towards Asia, are visible in the post-war Japanese radical left? Is Pan-Asianism a useful framework for thinking about aspects of post-war left-wing activism in Japan? Drawing on a range of case studies, including … Continue reading

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Protests in Tokyo against President Donald Trump’s first state visit to Japan

Between the round of golf, the much-mocked koi carp fish feeding session, and the meeting with the families of Japanese abductees, President Donald Trump’s presence in Tokyo during his first official state visit also resulted in heightened security measures that … Continue reading

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Children of the Revolution?

The party is over, and society — but most especially, the media — waits to see what is left when all the drink bottles have been cleared. As I previously discussed elsewhere, the prominent student activists group SEALDs is currently … Continue reading

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“What’s the difference between protesting or stealing?” Some Theatre Responses to Anpo 1960

Two plays written in the wake of the 1960 Anpo protest movement. Continue reading

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Send in the Clowns: Absurdity and Japanese Radicalism

Quick, send in the clowns. Don’t bother, they’re here. Stephen Sondheim 1 Since the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11th, 2011 and the resulting Fukushima maelstrom, the western media has frequently reported a spectacle that appears to surprise them: … Continue reading

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