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Ultra-nationalist anger at security bills protests manifests as “cute” moe character

As I wrote earlier this year, there is a mini online community in Japan that exists seemingly solely to revel in the subculture of Japanese New Left moe (moé). Users like @honoka51934835, @gabageba07, @samusamu1002 @negi1919 fill their Twitter feeds with … Continue reading

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Kakuhidō: Self-proclaimed “unpopular” Japanese men perform New Left activism as pastiche

Two prominent English-language blogs about Japan recently picked up on an unusual activist group called Kakuhidō. Despite being ostensibly focused on design and Japanese tabloids respectively, both Spoon Tamago and Tokyo Reporter ran near identical stories about Kakumeiteki Himote Dōmei, … Continue reading

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Katsudōka Cosplay at Comiket 86

While browsing images of the cosplay at the biannual Comiket event in Tokyo last weekend, I came across something rather curious. Among the usual suspects of scantily-clad girls and iconic characters from the worlds of anime and manga, a solitary … Continue reading

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