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Farewell to a Self-Professed Rogue: Remembering Manabu Miyazaki

Q. When you wrote your book, what period of your life gave you the most pleasure to recall? A. 1968. This was the time during the Vietnam War when throughout the world there were anti-war demonstrations and movements by students. … Continue reading

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Lovable communism: Japanese Communist Party creates anime idol character election songs and music videos

The Japanese Communist Party has launched its campaign for the upcoming House of Councillors election this month with the customary tactics of speeches in public places and canvassing, but has also created surely the most original videos by any of … Continue reading

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Remembering Bloody May Day, 1952

Today is International Workers’ Day, when labour unions and other groups hold rallies around the world. Japan is no exception, though the weakness of the labour movement has lessened the importance of the day immensely over the years. However, there … Continue reading

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The Bandits Who Stole For the Revolution

We begin with two scenes and two sets of very different agents of the Left. Three men armed with revolvers entered the ┼îmori branch of Kawasaki Daihyaku bank on October 6th, 1932. The men were, of course, bank robbers and … Continue reading

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