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Police confirm identity of suspect as wanted far-left radical Masaaki Ōsaka, re-arrest him for murder

The wanted posters at police substations and train stations around Japan will finally be coming down. Police claim to have confirmed the identity of a suspect as far-left activist Masaaki Ōsaka and re-arrested him on a murder charge. A man … Continue reading

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Japanese police report possible arrest of Masaaki Ōsaka, wanted for 1971 Shibuya riot death

Japanese media is reporting that police may have arrested one of the most wanted fugitives in Japan, the Chūkaku-ha activist Masaaki Ōsaka. Now in his late sixties, Ōsaka has been on the run since the 1970s in connection with the … Continue reading

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Chūkaku-ha crackdown continues as activist arrested for driver licence violation

A suspected member of Chūkaku-ha (Central Core Faction), Yasuyuki Yagi (45), was arrested on April 3rd by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Public Security Bureau for allegedly making a false entry for the address on his driving licence. When he … Continue reading

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Japanese police announce large reward for information on far-left radical, wanted over 1971 murder of police officer

It may well be a crime dating back 45 years, but Japanese police are doggedly determined to get their man. On October 31st, the National Police Agency announced an unprecedented reward of up to ¥3 million for any information pertaining … Continue reading

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Police raid Chūkaku-ha base over long-time Shibuya riot fugitive, arrest two

On January 18th, police raided a small apartment in Kita ward in Tokyo, where they uncovered hints on the whereabouts of Masaaki Ōsaka. Now aged 66, Ōsaka was an activist in the far-left radical group Chūkaku-ha and is named as … Continue reading

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