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Funding campaign launched for documentary “Sanrizuka’s Icarus”, sequel to “The Wages of Resistance: Narita Stories”

The co-director of The Wages of Resistance: Narita Stories, the 2014 documentary about the anti-Narita Airport protest movement, has launched a fundraising campaign to complete work on a follow-up film. Haruhiko Daijima is hoping to raise ¥3 million for Sanrizuka’s … Continue reading

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Symbol of protest movement, Narita Airport control tower to be demolished

Narita Airport is currently swamped on a daily basis with international arrivals as Japan, especially Tokyo, enjoys unprecedented numbers of foreign tourists, a trend which is surely going to roll on until the 2020 Olympics. In spring 2015, the airport … Continue reading

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Political Comics: Japan Radicalism and New Left Protest Movements Told Through Manga

When the Liberal Democratic Party wanted to produce an educational pamphlet earlier this year about its desire to change the Constitution of Japan, it chose a medium that many in the West might find surprising, even unbecoming, for such a … Continue reading

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“The Wages of Resistance: Narita Stories”: A documentary about Sanrizuka’s dissenting farmers

A review of the recent documentary about the anti-airport protest movement. Continue reading

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Et in Arcadia ego: In search of Sanrizuka

1 An airport is a peculiar place, a bubble where somnolent or excitable passengers in limbo sleepwalk between international hops. An airport is not a real place, it is somewhere between. Although it is supposed to be all about transport … Continue reading

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