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Recreating the Koza Riot, fifty years on

On 12 December in the plaza outside the Ryūkyū Shimpo newspaper headquarters in Naha, Okinawa, a group of men overturned a car. They wore masks, not in the customary manner of camouflaged rioters, but because of the coronavirus pandemic, and … Continue reading

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Himeyuri no Tō, 1975: The Memorial that Nearly Killed a Crown Prince

The Inland Sea is perhaps my favourite book about Japan. Donald Richie’s journey might well be around “Japan’s Mediterranean” — does it still merit the epithet? — but I find some of his observations strike me regardless of geography. In … Continue reading

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“Revolutionary Army” claims responsibility for rocket attack in Saitama suburb

Japan received a blast from the past, almost literally, on October 20th, when residents in Kawaguchi City, a suburb of Tokyo in Saitama Prefecture, were awoken by a loud sound in the early hours of the morning. “I thought a … Continue reading

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