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Anti-nuclear power protest tents in Tokyo attacked by far-right group

On August 14th, members of Japan’s ultra Right targeted the anti-nuclear power protest tents that have stood for nearly five years outside the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) in Kasumigaseki, the government district in central Tokyo. The “attack”, … Continue reading

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Go! Go! Second Time Gaijin: A mockumentary about Japanese ultra-nationalists

A gaijin uyoku?! Surely a contradiction in terms, right? (That is, unless you believe the rumours that the ranks of ultra-nationalist groups are actually filled with Japanese of Korean descent.) But Go! Go! Second Time Gaijin is about just that: … Continue reading

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August 15th, Yasukuni Shrine

You know it’s August 15th when as soon as you pass through the ticket barriers at Kudanshita Station on the Tokyo Metro — while still underground inside the station — you see a member of the riot police on duty. … Continue reading

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