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SEALDs becomes pastiche in “Food Party” TV commercial for Sapporo beer

You know you’ve genuinely cemented a place in popular culture when you spawn a TV parody, though perhaps there can be no cheaper a spoof than one mustered up by the folk behind the ubiquitous commercials in Japan’s competitive beer … Continue reading

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Abe’s government must not be tolerated: On political slogans in recent Japanese protest movements

“Revolution is not a dinner party,” as Mao said, nor is it just a political slogan. But having one certainly helps. While they lack the finesse or depth of a treatise or manifesto, few would deny that political and social … Continue reading

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A curious allergy? Backlash against Aki Okuda at Fuji Rock reveals misunderstanding of political music in Japan

Fuji Rock, one of Japan’s premier music festivals, takes place in Yuzawa, Niigata, from July 22nd to July 24th. This year, Aki Okuda, the de facto leader of soon-to-disband student group SEALDs, was invited to speak at a satellite event … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on the SEALDs documentary “About My Liberty”

Although released originally in May, it is timely to catch About My Liberty: SEALDs 2015 now while it continues to play (with English subtitles) at Uplink in Shibuya. Alongside Shimin Rengō (Civil Alliance for Peace and Constitutionalism) and the opposition … Continue reading

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SEALDs launches fashion line to encourage young voters

Has SEALDs finally descended into self-parody or is this an innovative strategy to inspire young voters? At the height of the student group’s exposure last year they received much praise for their slick attitude towards publicity, which resulted in a … Continue reading

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